Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Holiday story

In the holiday I hung out with my friends Jordan, Logan, Austin, Aron, Sam, James, Carter, Ben and Dover, I also binge watched series on Netflix. I loved the holidays and I had so much fun. I hung out with my friends and got to try new things throughout the holidays. Myself, Jordan and Logan went to the pools to have some fun, I liked the pools. After the pools we went to go eat some fish and chips and then proceed to go home.

During the other parts of the holidays I hung out with my friend Aron, Austin, and Sam, we had spars to kill some time, and after we socialised about life. It was very depressing. On other days I went around town shopping with my brother, i got to try new clothes, food, and some other things that are irrelevant. At times during me and my brothers excursion I got to drive which was very exciting. I loved exploring with my brother. 

During the holiday I cooked food for everybody and I think I was very good, the things I cooked were mostly Filipino such as Adobo, sisig, leche flan, sinigang, manginasal and palabok these are traditional dishes in our country. My family has their own recipes for these dishes in which they past down through generations and now to me.

The holidays was very fun for me and I loved all the activities and places I've been I went towith my family and friends. I can't wait for the next holiday and all the joyous fun I will have with my friends and family. 

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Home Economics (Truffles)

Today in Home economics wee maid trufels and dey were good az Ghee. two make the trufels we needed kokonut white stuff, icing stuff that you put in baking stuff and finishly we made them. 

Monday, 23 November 2020

Science (gods)

 In Japanese folklore, animals play an important role in the origin of earthquakes. According to a popular story, the cause of earthquakes is the giant catfish Manama. Hiding somewhere beneath the Japanese mainland, sometimes he wiggles his tail, causing an earthquake in the human world. People thought that it was the weird things that cat fish do before an earth quake starts. 

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

P.E Gymnastics

Today in gymnastics I was practising the sequence that I am going to do in the future. I had a lot of muck ups during the time i was on the tramp because I wasn't landing my somersaults and I wasn't doing my handstand back rolls, but at times I landed my somersaults and almost did a forward roll on the parallel bar so i was proud of that.  

Monday, 9 November 2020

An inspector calls

 An Inspector calls 

1)what were the major events throughout 1910-1920?

1910. Jack Johnson beats Tommy Burns, Jack Johnson became the first black boxer to win the Heavyweight Boxing Championship was when he knocked out the reigning champion Tommy Burns on December 26th

1911. electrical advancements 

1912. Titanic sank 

1913. first cross word puzzle 

1914. federal change commission 







2)who was J.b.Priestly, and what did he do in his life 

3)what are symbols and motifs in narratives

4)what was life like in England in the 1910

Monday, 2 November 2020


Today in P.E we did Gymnastics, today I went on the trampoline doing a bunch of sequence, although it was tough i managed to get through it, it wasn't perfect but i was proud of what I was able to accomplish in that short while in P.E. The sequence I did consisted in a bunch of moves, those moves was Tuck jump, 180 spin, straddle jump, bike jump, stomach jump, air role, stomach jump and a back jump turn and another back jump, we had to do this in one go. 


Friday, 30 October 2020


 This week in Science we learned more about the layers and volcanos on the earth. There are four layers in the earth's crust, the thinnest and coldest layer of them is the crust. The crust holds the oceans and forms the continents below us, the second and most thickest layer is the mantle, the mantle is a thick layer made up of molten rock, the third layer in the outer core it is the second hottest and the inner core and is the hottest part of the earth. 

Composition of the Earth: (Structure + Layers + Facts) - Science4Fun

Volcano disaster 

Mt. Tambura is the deadliest eruption in recent human history, claiming the lives of up to 120,000 people. On 10 April 1815, Tambura erupted sending volcanic ash 40km into the sky. It was the most powerful eruption in 500 years. Upon entering the ocean, the force of the pyroclastic flow caused the creation of a series of towering tsunamis. Thanks to the enormous amount of SO2 emitted, the world experienced a severe temperature drop that led to global crop failures.


tambora indonesia